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Turmeric Clay Face Mask

The mask being made
Look at that lovely colour! I promise no Oompa Loompa colour.

When you decide to make something new for the very first time, generally, it’s because you saw a picture from a cook book or Facebook (thanks Mrs. Richardson!), well, crafting and DIY is the same. I had to stop reading all the blogs and articles as I was never making anything and narrow my reading to a select few blogs where I can get the most inspiration from.

And SoapQueen.com is one of those rare blogs I continue to follow for various forms of inspiration. This new mask I whipped up today in the Scrub Me Down Kitchen has had me humming and haaing for a while thinking of how to tweak it to make it mine and to give it more of an oomph. I woke up this morning with this very bright light in my head of exactly what I was going to do.

Where the original recipe had avocado oil and meadowfoam oil and both are lovely oilsIMG_2087 just very expensive here to get in China- and its wicked hard to find meadowfoam oil, I needed to change up the oils. When choosing which oils to use in projects, I need to make sure I can get the oils regularly, and they don’t cost an arm and a leg to use. I settled on rice bran oil, camellia seed oil and unrefined evening primrose oil. I also decided to make this mask pack more of a punch as it is just going to sit on your face for 15 or so minutes. So I added in some silk peptides, niacinaminde (vitamin b3), and some allantoin. Kaolin is the clay I decided to keep for it is well known as a gentle, oil absorbing clay. And its white. So the awesome yellow colour of the turmeric continues to shine on!

This Turmeric Clay Face Mask would be best suited for people with redness issues, dull  and oily skin.

Ingredients: water, kaolin, rice bran oil, camellia seed oil, silk, evening primrose oil, MRH ewax, BTMS-50, preservative, organic (imported) turmeric powder, niacinaminde, geranium essential oil, allantoin

How to use:Apply a medium amount of mask to clean and dry skin. Avoid getting into the eye and do not eat. Leave on for about 10-15 minutes, rinse off with warm water. You do not need to wash your face after this mask I found. But, if that is what you’d prefer to do, have fun!


Learning Curve
While decanting into the 100g pots, I discovered that these 100g pots were way to big for 100g of product! Clay is heavy!