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DIY: Summer Shimmer Lip Gloss

Good morning!

And welcome to the Scrub Me Down Kitchen. Today we are going to something completely different! We are going to walk you through making your own lip gloss from scratch. This lip gloss will be in a stick that you can toss into your purse for a beautiful summer shimmer and light tint whenever you want it! Without the worry of melting. Just don’t leave it in your pocket or purse in the summer heat!

Summer Shimmer- 26.jpg
Summer Shimmer in Pink and Bronze

Let’s talk about the ingredients. We are going to need some beeswax. You can use beeswax from your local honey supplier, or the refined pellets, or even the bleached beeswax (called white beeswax). Any one you choose will be good for this recipe. If you choose to use raw beeswax or the refined pellets, your colour might be a little different. But because beeswax is tacky, wicked hard, and pulls at your skin alone, it needs to be softened down a little. But that tackiness and hard factor are what helps to keep this gloss in place.

Summer Shimmer 8.jpg
We decided to use white beeswax from Aroma Zone for this recipe.

Cocoa butter, it smells like chocolate. How can that be bad? Cocoa butter is full of fatty acids that makes dry skin run for the hills. I also find lip recipes that contain higher amounts of cocoa butter to be wickedly shiny. Like super duper high beam shiny. You can used unrefined or refined cocoa butter, we choose to stock unrefined as the scent of chocolate is just too yummy to pass up!

Castor Oil, it is sticky. It’s main purpose we are using it today is to give our lips some HD shine. And who doesn’t want shine in a “kiss” gloss?

Summer SHimmer 9.jpg
Yup, that is almond oil. Need a translator in the kitchen!

Sweet almond oil, we are using almond oil today as our liquid oil. We need some liquid in our recipe so when we apply the lip gloss, it applies evenly and smoothly and slides over the lips without pulling and with no tack and super high shine! And almond oil is brilliant in lip care!

We are going to be colouring our lip gloss today too and giving it a minty cool for those hot summer days! Sonia wanted bronze while I wanted something very pinky in the tube but a soft shiny pink on the lips. You can use any colour mica you have and add more for more tint, or less for just colour. I plan on trying various colours of mica with this recipe so you can have an orange, yellow, green, blue… purple tube of colourless lip gloss. More on that later.

Summer Shimmer 14.jpg
A dash is an actual unit of measurment

The trickiest part of making this lip gloss will be getting the colour evenly dispersed. Its a horrible balancing act, your waxes and oils must be hot enough to pour, but cool enough to suspend the mica within.

Summer Shimmer 19.jpg
The pour! Be careful! Go slow.

Summer Shimmer Lip Gloss

  • 20g sweet almond oil
  • 13g beeswax
  • 11g cocoa butter
  • 9g castor oil
  • 5 drops vitamin E


3 dashes pink mica (or bronze, or gold, or or or or)

10-15 drops peppermint essential oil

  1. Set up your lip tubes
  2. In a pyrex glass (or beaker), weigh out your beeswax, castor oil, and sweet almond oil and place in a double broiler. Stir. Allow to melt.
  3. Remove from double boiler, and add in cocoa butter. Stir until melted.
  4. Add in your vitamin e, peppermint essential oil and mica and stir with a small spatula, or chopstick.
  5. Label, and date your creation. Let sit for an hour or two before using (I usually leave mine for twenty-four hours).
Look at that shimmer!!!

How did yours turn out? Find us on Instagram and let us know!