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DIY: Creamy Orange Cleansing Oil

For a number of months now, Marie over at HumbleBee&Me has been posting oodles of oil cleansing recipes and talking a lot about Asian Beauty which turns out is a very interesting (and an intense) skin care regime. It also talks about some of the differences between east and west skin care thoughts and principles. And because of it, I’ve made some changes to my skin care routine and have been loving the differences and even have begun passing them onto you. Do you feel special yet?

Attempt one cleasning oil .jpg
only picture I have of the first attempt at making cleansing oils- love that coffee cup

When she first posted an oil cleansing method recipe, I scrolled down and looked at the recipe and thought, maybe five minutes plus clean up? So, I started shouting out various ingredients to Sonia to bring into The Kitchen, then had her make the recipe. I have to admit, the recipe was easy: fractionated coconut oil, some PEG-7 (Olivem 300), castor oil, maybe safflower or sunflower oil? Essential oils? Once mixed, Sonia took a bit home and I put a bit in the bathroom to use later. Later on I found after the first use, I felt like my face had been sucked dry and Sonia had the same thoughts. Right then and there, I stopped making any liquidy cleansing oil as I already had a cleanser that worked like a dream so the thought of these cleansing oils  were put on the back burner to think about how to make a better one suited for my skin before I tried again. Fast forward a few months and Marie did the thinking for me! That Lady of the Spatula can read my mind. I know it. Just a few weeks ago she posted a recipe for a new oil cleansing recipe with the word, “Gentle” in the title that I pounced on because I was finally wanting something new to use on my face.

Cleansing Oil 5After looking at the recipe and realising she really really really really likes calendula, I decided to change it up and use some olive oil infused with hibiscus that had been sitting in my back room for a couple months. With hibiscus being high in Vitamin C, I decided to keep on the Vitamin C kick and add in some sea buckthorn seed oil and some sea buckthorn extract and enjoy the ride. Upon first use of this new concoction, I found it a wee bit stripping upon first use, but decided to give it a go for a few days and discovered that I really did love this oil cleanser after two days and knew it needed to be tweaked for my very greedy skin.

Cleansing Oil 3
into the water bath it goes!

Now that I had given cleansing oils a fair chance, I knew I liked them. And that meant, I knew what I was looking for and what I wanted from my cleansing oil. I wanted them to be a little less stripping, a little thicker and wanted it to have some orange wax, sea buckthorn oil and be marketable. I’ve been using this new recipe for about two weeks now and I’ve been loving it! And I know I should wait another week or two before posting a recipe from creation, but I really just couldn’t wait!

Cleansing Oil 2
all set up and ready to decant!

I have never been a fan of shea butter as I always found it too greasy so prefered to use cocoa butter or mango butter as they were “dry” butters. But I wanted this cleansing oil to compensate for the stripping factor so added that in and hoped that would help with the thickening factor I needed. One of my other wants was for this to be marketable, so added in some wheat germ oil which is high in Vitamin E and some rice bran oil which is surprisingly still relatively an Asian skin care secret. I have no idea why, rice bran oil is awesome! As is sea buckthorn oil. Swoon!

Cleansing Oil 4
Letting the cleansing oil cool before capping

To use this fancy dancy wash, splash your face with some warm water, apply about a dime/5mao size coin amount and massage into your face. I pay a little extra attention to my T-zone to help ensure my pores remain clean. Don’t go crazy with applying pressure, gentleness is the key here. And splash with warm water to remove or use a gentle face cloth. Follow up with a hydrating toner and the rest of your usual face care routine.

Cleansing OIl 8
Look how thick that is! This has been on it’s side and opened for a few minutes now with no spills or leaks.

This recipe I decided to try something new. I usually only include the percentages of a recipe, that way you can make whatever amount you choose. This time, I added in some grams. What do you think?

Screen Shot 2017-08-27 at 7.46.07 AM.png

  1. weigh everything into a glass beaker or heat resistant glass measuring cup
  2. place into your water bath on a barely there simmer, and allow to melt stirring with a steralised flexible spatula
  3. once everything has melted, wipe off the outside of your beaker, stir and decant into a 100mL squeeze tube, before it cools


There is no preservative in this recipe. So don’t get water in your product!