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DIY: Fragrant Bombs

I know. What an original name.

We’ve been thinking of ways to put a bunch of fragrance in a bottle so it is safe to apply to hair and skin without worry of skin safety and spillage. Originally I was thinking about putting it into a roller bottle, but then nixed that idea when I learnt just how messy they kind of are. One of my favourite FUGLY purses suffered the consequences of a roller bottle. And, roller bottles how would I apply that to my hair?

So dropper bottles for the win! And that also means a little more versatility. You can apply it to your hair brush, your comb, a drop in you palm and feel up the ends of your hair. You can add a drop or two to your regular body lotion to enhance the scent, add to the existing scent or apply this neat to your skin. I wouldn’t suggest it on the face as some people find too much fragrance on the face annoying or sensitive to fragrance oils on the face.


I have had a lovely bottle of dimethicone (silicone) that I’ve been jonesing to play with for the past month and I finally gave in and played with it. I’ve needed a new hair balm or oil or hair lotion to help my ends and give my hair some extra TLC as it’s summer, so that means my hair is always up in a ponytail so breakage is more than likely. And since Sonia is learning all about hair balms and various ingredients, I decided to try my hand at a hair oil with my newest ingredient… silicone, as hair is on the mind here in The Scrub Me Down Kitchen.

3And with any new ingredient, you actually have to use it first before you know how your skin and hair reacts to it. I know right? How weird is that concept!

And this recipe is really easy. I picked argan oil and fractionated coconut oil, added in some fragrance oils, poured directly into my dropper bottle, capped, shake shake shake and used. All while my hair was up in a towel. It took about five minutes to gather all the ingredients, weigh, cap and shake. But it took about twenty minutes to get the right picture.

I’ve never really been a fan of argan oil because it is outrageously (albeit well deserved for the price, I am not arguing with that) expensive, so I’ve just been weary of using it based on the price alone. I’m petrified that it would be wasted in any product I made or I wouldn’t like the end product. Then I knew I’d feel guilty about wasting something so expensive so always played it safe and just didn’t play with it. Then, the oil would go rancid then I’d have to throw it out and then I’d feel worse, but then for sure would order it again just in case I’d come across a recipe where I might need it. Then never use it. Toss it. Buy again. And repeat. So this time around I finally decided to use it.

Argan oil is always said to be great for the hair, fast absorbing into the skin, and the United States National Library of Medicine National Institute of Health concludes that argan oil does indeed have antiaging properties and can improve skin elasticity in postmenopausal skin. So my thought rational is, if it is good for postmenopausal skin, it should be good for middle aged skin as well. We’re getting up there in age, our hair is not as strong as it once was so the ends dry and break willy nilly.

6I decided to use fractionated coconut oil as I’ve never used it before on my hair. I’ve used it in soaps, I’ve used it in lotions, but never in hair care. So this being a new new new recipe, why not give it a go go go? Fractionated coconut oil is a liquid coconut oil that won’t solidify when cold. To make fractionated coconut oil, they have removed the long chain triglycerides… so if you are asking if it is natural, in my opinion no. It’s one of those neat natural plus ingredients.

I’ve been using it for a couple days now, and I have to say, I’m quite keen on it. I know right? Argan oil, where have you been? My too stubborn mind refused to play with you for years and I was so missing out!

If you store your argan oil in the fridge, it can solidify slightly and sink to the bottom of your container. Just warm between your hands and shake! You’ll be grand!

So how to use this neat little bottle of pretty? I take one drop, rub between my palms, then feel up the ends of my hair. I sandwich my hair between my hands, and use a back and forth motion while my hands travel down the hair shaft. I take another drop and do the hair around the front/long fringe/bangs as those ends seem to never want to be undamaged. I then give a war cry and attack my hair with my boar bristle brush to help disperse the oil throughout my hair. I also like to add a drop or two to a handful of lotion and give it an extra OOMPH in the smell department. I like lots of citrus smelling goodness on me.

I used fragrance oils to make this as I find most citrus essential oils are like most kids and vegetables. The vegetables seem to be invisible, I’ve watched kids eat egg fried rice and leave the vegetables. Now that takes not only commitment, but talent too! An essential oil like grapefruit can help with shine, but then you have to worry about photosensitivity and did you wash your hands and get it all off? I save myself the worry and just used Ruby Red Grapefruit from NDA. But, you can use any scent you’d like. I cannot wait to try different oils and try out coconut fragrance oil in the cooler weather. Coconuty goodness. Mmmmmm!

Swish your hair around throughout the day and get a whiff of something other than kid farts! Maybe I should have put it like this; swish your hair around throughout the day and catch a whiff of bright, cheery and happy thoughts!

Screen Shot 2017-08-09 at 8.47.00 PM


  1. place your new dropper bottle onto your digital scale and tare
  2. measure out your argan oil and your fractionated coconut oil
  3. using a pipet, count out your drops. I found 8 to be not enough grapefruit and ten was plenty. But if I were to use something like coconut, I’d probably only use four or five drops. Do not exceed your fragrance oils useage rating.
  4. cap and shake!
  5. and use! Swish and feel like a hair model.


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Making gels with Sepimax ZEN

One of the worst things you quickly learn when making and selling your own skincare/ cosmetics is that your standards are usually higher than your customers.

Our current eye and face serum recipes are wicked. They are an emulsified product which means they are oil and water based serums that are loaded with goodies and extracts and we offer it in an amber dropper bottle. The dropper bottle offers great control for the number of drops you apply to the eye and face area. We’ve received no complaints, no suggestions to make it better… the only thing we have heard from our clients is that its amazing and really does work!

Preparing the ingredients
I love my new bowls for test days!

And as I said, my standards are very high. I love the dropper bottles, they are quaint and simple and easy to work with. But, they pose one major and I mean major issue for my liking. Dropper bottles suck large crazy things when you put a viscous liquid in them. When you open the bottle they work like they should. But when you go to put the cap back in, way too much product spills down the sides. And that is a waste. And that to me is unacceptable. I mean a pump bottle lotion, I’m ok if you cannot get the last little bit out of there. That is what scissors are for after all! But dribbles down the side of a container? No. It’s contaminated and that product cannot be used.

So, we’ve been working hard formulating the recipe to make it thicker to put into a pump style container. And the number of failures from that? Countless. Here’s one of my more, interesting failures:

Using xanthan gum as a thickener, ummm it reminded me of snot.

And, I think there might be a possibility that I’ve figured it out! And if we haven’t figured it out, we made gels! How swanky is that?

Getting our hands on Sepimax ZEN was tricky. It took a friend in America pre-ordering it, shipping it to my co-worker in another State who was visiting, him bringing it to China for me. So far, the initial testing phase has been productive. And inspiring. Originally, we were thinking of making the eye and face serum with Aristoflex AVC but you cannot use any electrolytes with it. And that’s how we found Sepimax ZEN! Electrolytes! YAY!!!

INCI:  Polyacrylate Crosspolymer-6 (Sepimax ZEN)

So what is Sepimax ZEN and why does it seem like we are way too excited by it? It is used as a thickening agent, a stabilizer in surfactant and emulsion systems. It is a pre-neutralised polymer that can create transparent gels on its own.

How freaking cool is that???? Pre-neutralised!

Do you know what that means? No ph checking! And electrolytes! Aloe is back baby! As is proteins and more! My skin is tingling with anticipation. And a gel. A gel! A gel I tell you!

We took some vitamins, silk, aloe juice and some other skin yummies with some of our eye serum and added some ZEN. Then walked away.

Adding the ZEN

That was the hardest part. Walking away.

Two hours later…. BRAINS!

But that didn’t stop me from taking pictures while it was setting up!


Once my timer went off that eight hours was up, I took out my whisk and almost forgot about taking pictures. Pre-blending, I was kind of grossed out how everything looked. It looked like curdled kefir in sauce. Very gross. The aloe vera gel I made looked very cool. Like gelled ice!


Finished product!

It looks amazing! So crazy slime looking! I really think after using this that this gel wouldn’t make the face happy as it is really like a gel. But now that some time has passed, I do feel that this would be better suited as the ingredient in the eye serum. And I’ve already got my notes prepared for how I want to improve on the eye serum using Sepimax. I want to add in some hydrolised oat protein and some burdock root extract too. And more! And silk. And glycerine. And other oils. And more aloe. And and and! Just not the kitchen sink.

Now comes the crazy part of trying to figure out which container to put the ZEN into! And that’s what I’ve been testing out this morning. Fun! In the coming weeks, we’ll be testing out various Zen recipes to add to our line or keep the Aristoflex. Getting new ingredients are awesome, but formulating the perfect recipe is a pain in the arse. Makes me wish we lived in a big city where there are plenty of foreigners where I can borrow thier skin.



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Newsletter: June 2017

It seemed like the month of May flew by. Like a hungry Superman spying a stack of freshly baked cookies. That fast.

Work is crazy, my co-worker finally returned to work which means a large bag full of goodies to play with. Thank you Lotion Crafter and Belinda! Yesterday we spent the morning making aloe vera gel. Actual, real life, aloe vera gel. And holy smokes its AWESOME!!! Just that wait part is killing me. I itch to stir. More on that later! I’m currently writing the blog post for that one.

The eye serum. That eye serum I am beginning to think I shouldn’t mess with it. I’ve tried a few thickening recipes and both times it failed. Miserably. I ended up using them as face masks and then they dried and spent the rest of the night trying to peel the mask off my face like a sun burn. I’m trying again with various gelling ingredients to see how they work.

The toner was perfected and is now pumped full of vitamins to keep the face happy. Once you get used to the smell!

This past month we had an awesome surprise, a customer came to visit during the Dragon Boat Festival. Check out her blog about some of the antics we got up to! She brought up some excellent suggestions, especially about workshops and teaching people how to make stuff. That is what we’d like to eventually do once we are settled somewhere. We never thought about it in China. But Sonia and I are both teachers and passing on information is awesome fun! So if you are currently in China and would like to learn how to make some soap or lotions, let us know!

We’ve made a slew of soaps this past month in preparation for this summer and next summer. We are both private training center teachers which means when public schools have holidays, we have our busy season. And, it also means that come early July, we can start making the Autumn/Winter stock of soap, lotions and potions. I cannot wait! My house will reek of peppermint soon!

Soaps May 2017.jpg
Some of the soaps created this past month

We had some pretty cool sales on this past month, which we have decided to keep while supplies last. The Summer Silk Hand & Body Lotion is a light and highly moisturising lotion. It’s filled with vitamins for the skin, lightly fragranced and makes your skin feel like silk. I’m wearing the Lily of the Valley Summer Silk right now! And I am loving the scent! Very spring!

Soaps are curing nicely, and it will be sad to see them go to their new homes. Stay tuned for the blog post on how to care for your new soap to get the longest possible use out of it. Especially living in China where the humidity is terrible.


Sale May 2017.jpg

Enjoy the sales! Have a great June!

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Question: What's the differences between MP and CP Soap?

Since we’ve started this blog, I’ve posted a fair bit about soap. But, there is a big difference between our two current soap options.

  1. CP soap- cold process soap
  2. MP soap- melt and pour soap

There are other types of soap, but these are the two types we deal with at the moment.

CP soap, is made from the base ingredients- this might be confusing. So let’s change them up to something simpler. Baking. Cakes. Yum!

  1. From Scratch (cp soap)
  2. Box Cake (mp soap)

1) So you want to eat some cake. Yum! So you go to your kitchen and look at your cupboards. You’ve got eggs, flour, sugar, butter, baking soda and most importantly, cocoa powder (cause after all, homemade chocolate cakes are the best!). You toss them into a bowl and begin to stir. You add in some vanilla, and stir and pour into your prepared pan. Into your preheated oven it goes.

2) So you want to eat some cake. Yum! So you go to your kitchen and look in your cupboards. Oh wow! Easy! There’s a box of cake mix! You toss it into a bowl, add in the eggs, oil and water and mix. Then you pour it into your prepared pan, and into the preheated oven it goes.

And you’ve got cake! Now, cool and frosting each cake the same. When you eat it, there is a very good chance people would be able to tell the difference.

Are they the same? No.

Do they taste the same? No.

Do they have the same texture? No.

Do you get to control all the ingredients in both? No.

Do they cost the same to make? No.

Do they leave you with the same feeling when you eat them? No. Well… no. They leave you satisfied that you just ate cake. I find homemade cake to be more filling and more satisfying than box cake. I do make box cake from time to time! It’s much cheaper!!!

Let me begin this next part but saying I am 100% biased on this when it comes to cake making or soap making. I will always prefer my things to be made from scratch. I find they taste better and have more of a flare that pre-made stuff doesn’t have. But that also means the cost and time will be different too.

Butters, fats and oils… I get to control them.
Making CP soap

In cp soap, you get to choose each ingredient you add in. Each ingredient has a very specific purpose and reason for being there. Coconut oil is there for hardness and to try to get some bubbles as bubbles are what people want. Castor oil is there for it provides the bubbles with stability. We add some sugar to help get better bubbles. Kaolin Clay is there to give the soap a creamy feeling. Lard and tallow are used as it they are the best moisturisers in soap making, helps to combat the signs of aging, and is the most amazing skin food. And they provide wicked hardness to the bar which means long lasting. Shea butter, because people associate shea with good skin (and really, thats the only reason I toss it in! It is good, but there are better ingredients!). Olive oil is actually my filler in soaps. Then I get to choose things like colours, fragrances, extracts, herbs, do I pipe? do I add in coffee? Salt? This? That? The kitchen sink? Do I make it look like a bar? A food item? But then, you need to let it sit for about six weeks before you use it. And when you begin to mix… you could get an explosion, a volcano, seizing, ricing, acceleration, perfect trace… you really really never know what is going to happen when you make cp soap.

BEST part of MP soap? Colour no good? Melt it down!

In mp soaps, your base is pre-made. You don’t get to choose which ingredients go in. You can use it as is, or add in some colours, some fragrances, a little toy in the middle. Let it cool down for a few hours then use it that same day.


Do they perform the same? This is a very difficult one for me to answer as I can only speak for my skin. And my skin says no. 100% no. You couldn’t even pay me to use mp soap. Even if I were at someones isolated house on a mountain top and I ran out of my soap and had no way to get more, and all they had to bathe with was mp soap… I still wouldn’t use mp soap. My skin cannot stand it. I find it very drying.

Now that I’ve told you that my skin is biased in regards to soap, let me say, that some people really really like mp soap on their skin. They find it great and that it meets their skins needs. They find it perfect for them and they talk about how amazing it is. And let me just say I am suffering from envy at this moment. How I wish that were me! We are just beginning our mp soap journey and how I would love to have all those glorious and beautiful and artistic looking soaps to have in my bathroom for use, but I cannot. My skin won’t take it.

If we take a look at the differences in appearances, there are some really amazing and talented soap makers out there. Especially when it comes to mp soap. It’s amazing to work with! The art you can create with it is astounding! Your fragrance lasts longer and is more potent, and you don’t have to wait months or even years before first use. And you can see through your soap. How cool is that? And even I would want the funky looking stuff in my bathroom! Just to look at.

One day I’ll be able to do this!

CP soap on the other hand, you cannot see through. But! You can do so many different types of swirls and twirls and fun piping tricks and much more! You can play with embeds and design techniques to make it yours.

All soap is art! But at the end of the day, I drool more over mp soap, but some of our newer soaps coming out of The Scrub Me Down Kitchen are getting pretty neat!

Currently, nameless soap! But smells like candied passion fruit!
“Ancient Secrets”
“Cucumber Delights”

In our soaps we use mp soaps to make embeds in our cp soap. We carefully calculate our cp recipes to counteract the possible drying factor of the mp. In the future, we will also have a range of mp soaps in various scents and colours to help to brighten up the cp soap room! And my absolute favourite part of mp soaping? If you mess up, you just melt it down again and try again! In cp soaping, if you mess the design up, you won’t know for a day or two, and if you mess up the recipe? You won’t know for months!

My skin may not like MP soap, but good golly I wish it did! So until I can get . skin transplant, I will have to settle for adding cool stuff to our CP soap!








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DIY: Summer Shimmer Lip Gloss

Good morning!

And welcome to the Scrub Me Down Kitchen. Today we are going to something completely different! We are going to walk you through making your own lip gloss from scratch. This lip gloss will be in a stick that you can toss into your purse for a beautiful summer shimmer and light tint whenever you want it! Without the worry of melting. Just don’t leave it in your pocket or purse in the summer heat!

Summer Shimmer- 26.jpg
Summer Shimmer in Pink and Bronze

Let’s talk about the ingredients. We are going to need some beeswax. You can use beeswax from your local honey supplier, or the refined pellets, or even the bleached beeswax (called white beeswax). Any one you choose will be good for this recipe. If you choose to use raw beeswax or the refined pellets, your colour might be a little different. But because beeswax is tacky, wicked hard, and pulls at your skin alone, it needs to be softened down a little. But that tackiness and hard factor are what helps to keep this gloss in place.

Summer Shimmer 8.jpg
We decided to use white beeswax from Aroma Zone for this recipe.

Cocoa butter, it smells like chocolate. How can that be bad? Cocoa butter is full of fatty acids that makes dry skin run for the hills. I also find lip recipes that contain higher amounts of cocoa butter to be wickedly shiny. Like super duper high beam shiny. You can used unrefined or refined cocoa butter, we choose to stock unrefined as the scent of chocolate is just too yummy to pass up!

Castor Oil, it is sticky. It’s main purpose we are using it today is to give our lips some HD shine. And who doesn’t want shine in a “kiss” gloss?

Summer SHimmer 9.jpg
Yup, that is almond oil. Need a translator in the kitchen!

Sweet almond oil, we are using almond oil today as our liquid oil. We need some liquid in our recipe so when we apply the lip gloss, it applies evenly and smoothly and slides over the lips without pulling and with no tack and super high shine! And almond oil is brilliant in lip care!

We are going to be colouring our lip gloss today too and giving it a minty cool for those hot summer days! Sonia wanted bronze while I wanted something very pinky in the tube but a soft shiny pink on the lips. You can use any colour mica you have and add more for more tint, or less for just colour. I plan on trying various colours of mica with this recipe so you can have an orange, yellow, green, blue… purple tube of colourless lip gloss. More on that later.

Summer Shimmer 14.jpg
A dash is an actual unit of measurment

The trickiest part of making this lip gloss will be getting the colour evenly dispersed. Its a horrible balancing act, your waxes and oils must be hot enough to pour, but cool enough to suspend the mica within.

Summer Shimmer 19.jpg
The pour! Be careful! Go slow.

Summer Shimmer Lip Gloss

  • 20g sweet almond oil
  • 13g beeswax
  • 11g cocoa butter
  • 9g castor oil
  • 5 drops vitamin E


3 dashes pink mica (or bronze, or gold, or or or or)

10-15 drops peppermint essential oil

  1. Set up your lip tubes
  2. In a pyrex glass (or beaker), weigh out your beeswax, castor oil, and sweet almond oil and place in a double broiler. Stir. Allow to melt.
  3. Remove from double boiler, and add in cocoa butter. Stir until melted.
  4. Add in your vitamin e, peppermint essential oil and mica and stir with a small spatula, or chopstick.
  5. Label, and date your creation. Let sit for an hour or two before using (I usually leave mine for twenty-four hours).
Look at that shimmer!!!

How did yours turn out? Find us on Instagram and let us know!

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Teaching Rants- Sonia A

Being the boss vs being the teacher. 

Sonia School
My school in Liaoning, China

When I first came to China I really didn’t want to be a teacher let alone owning my own school. But that is exactly what happened.

Having your own school has its advantages and disadvantages like; not enough free time to do the simple things. Simple things like family time, as my children go to school and are only home on the weekends. But unfortunately, the weekends and evenings are the busiest time for an English Training Center like I have.

Recently I have felt the exhaustion of going to work which has included grunting upon entering the school, much to my employees delight. I feel being the boss sucks camel nads and I would much prefer to focus on being a teacher. But when I walk into the classroom it is impossible to feel annoyed. When I see those little brats faces smiling at me, my heart melts and all my negative energy and thoughts are gone.

Those tiny humans (as Barb likes to refer to them) really do brighten up my day.

Sonia Science
How adorable is this Tiny Human?

It is the small things they do that make me feel happy to have my own school. Things like;  smiling at a shoe squeak, being able to sing the song from last month, or simply making an effort in class that day just because they want give a little more makes me want to give a little more too.

Teaching different age group also has its challenges. As Barb likes to call those young teens, “hormonal time bombs”. I teach a wide range of ages; 3-16. I would have to say my favourite ages to teach are the young ones. The Tiny Humans. Every lesson from beginning to end is full of fun, smiles, tears and high energy. And when you work with Tiny Humans? You see more things you shouldn’t but do. We’re talking boogers, hands in pants, hand licking, wall licking, chair licking, hug boarderline hump and lots of snot. So much snot, I hope you were not eating.

Sonia- kids bday
The older ones are always thrilled when someone remembers the little things like a birthday at school. 

The older ones are great too and I am not being sarcastic. But it seems they are at that age where they don’t know how to be a kid. Granted, they were never allowed to be a kid in the first place. They focus from a very young age on school work as Chinese kids are the parents retirement fund which brings so much pressure freshmen into high have grey already.

I wish there was something more that we teachers in China could do to help them.

My older students are pretty easy going and we trade. As Barb say, “I bribe those angels and I’m ok with it”. They focus on their school work which I think is important, but they have no time to learn who they are as a person or learn what they and who they want to be. I think it is important to teach them that there are some people who will listen to them in this world.

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Margaritas, Himalayan Salt and Bars

It’s Monday here in the Middle Kingdom and I am at home relaxing my tender tootsies. My feet are tired and I’ve got a lovely itchy little blister forming on my baby toe. Damn summer shoes.

Weekends for many teachers in China mean long IMG_0819[1]hours spent in the classroom which takes us away from The Scrub Me Down Kitchen. And that makes me sad. Rather than creating or perfecting recipes, I get to spend my day with tiny humans who don’t realize that hands down their pants or coughing in your face is not ok or playing with their snot is actually not funny. But it also means I get to sing and dance and beam with pride every time they get something right or ask for a book exchange or want to know more about dinosaurs. And that alone makes up for every single inappropriate fart, nose pick and shirt yank I get.

IMG_2134[1]On Friday we tried our second attempt at making a foaming hand wash, and it was an epic failure. We wanted it in a foaming bottle, so that meant diluting it down a heck of a lot, but when it cooled down and actually used it, it had very little foaming action. Which made me sad. So I get to go back to the drawing board and try again!

Another awesome thing coming out of The Scrub IMG_2195[1].JPGMe Down Kitchen once its cured is our Margarita Salt Soap! And this one I am soooooo excited for. My skin+salt=HAPPY! We have Margarita Salt Scrub, Margarita Summer Silk Hand/Body Lotion and now we can add Margarita Salt Soap to the mix! I wanted to have some Margarita Room+Body Spray too, but I ran out of that fragrance oil. And our suppliers don’t have any more! So we have to stop at three products in this line.

Let’s talk about salt. There are many types of salt. For clarity, I am not talking about table salt here. When I talk about salt and using salt, salt in recipes, do not think all salts are equal. I am talking about Himalayan salt, Dead Sea Salt, Sea Salt (various kinds). Dead Sea Salt is very expensive here in China, so I use it sparingly. Mainly I use Himalayan Salt as it is the most cost effective as easiest to obtain.

When I tell people I use salt on my skin, many react in horror and one of the first questions I get, “isn’t it drying?” Everybody has different skin. My skin loves the salt, and some people find salt too much for their skin. It’s learning about what your skin likes. And not so much what you think your skin likes or doesn’t like.

When you go into the ocean and then you begin to dry off, of course your skin is going to be itchy. That amount of salt left on your skin is never a good thing! Even I scratch and itch (You need to rinse it off). But I feel so good and happy and relaxed and and and after playing in the ocean. So how can someone like me who lives inland and far away from the ocean, who doesn’t have a bathtub to soak in, get maybe some of the benefits of salt?

IMG_2192[1].JPGNow, as I’ve mentioned before, I am lazy. And as much as I love the thought of an actual bar of salt in my shower, you have to rub it all over your body, let sit for a few minutes then rinse it off. Yeah, I that’s just too much for me and besides, my coffee just sits there brewing away calling my name. So the salt soap for me was the answer to a few of my wants. 1) easy 2) convenient 3) simple 4) shower friendly.

How to use: Lather up. Rinse.

Ingredients: Himalayan Salt, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil, Coconut  water, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) Butter, sodium hydroxide, parfum, mica, titanium dioxide.

Warnings: Avoid contact with eyes. Do not eat. Not for internal use.  As with any skin product, if you notice any skin issues pop up, discontinue use.

Magarita Salt Bar pre-mix.
Shameless photo of all the ingredients before they were mixed. That is really 2kg of Himalayan salt right there.


For further reading on the wonders of Himalayan Salt.