Happy Skin

Welcome to the blog and future website of Happy Skin! And if that name is taken? Well, we’ll think of something. And as it turns out, our name is taken! So stay tuned as we decide on a new name!cropped-cropped-img_9825

I’m Barb, and I am the maple leaf in the logo and Sonia is the clover. If you can’t figure it out, I’m Canadian and she is Irish. Between the two of us, I believe at this moment, we have been calling China home for over 20 years. We live in Liaoning, China and Sonia and family have just become my upstairs neighbour! More storage space for ingredients!

I’ve been making my own soaps, lotions, beauty products and more for the past nine or so years. You know what it’s like here in China. You get used to some sort of product, then they never have it anymore. Then you find a new product. Then poof! It is gone again. And repeat. And repeat. And repeat. So I figured screw that, why not just make my own stuff. After all, it can’t be all that hard as they did it hundreds of years ago before electricity was around. So I began reading everything I could get my hands on and began to make soap. Fast forward many years, and Sonia’s standing in my kitchen telling me that I need to start selling my stash of goodies and Happy Skin was born!

It’s been interesting this past year trying to get this business started and doing it by international standards. We plan on sharing some of those stories with you soon! We hope you enjoy joining us on our journey, and decide to maybe test out some of the recipes yourself!

WeChat is our preferred method of communication in China. If you live outside of Mainland China, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

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