Shea Butter

Common Name: Shea Butter
INCI: Butyrospermum Parkii
INCI Soap: Sodium Sheabutterate

Major Properties: Highly moisturising in soaps and a little goes a long way in body products. 

Seriously Important InfoWhen buying shea butter, you have many choices. When you go to make lotions and leave on products, this is where you splurge and spend on using the unrefined ingredient. When it comes to making soaps, you want the refined butter. The unrefined butter I find can have adverse reactions and can cause some major issues in your batch of soap. Refined, you always get consistent results.

Why I picked it: I am not a big fan of shea butter in most bath products as I find it much too greasy for my liking, but in my soaps? Shea Butter is always there. I firmly believe that if you’ve a good bar of soap, your skin will behave beautifully! And shea butter helps with making an amazing bar of soap. 

Other Uses: anything dry skin related: lips, butters, masks, hair products, balms


Soaps: mango butter (way to expensive though!), avocado butter (way to pricy!)

Lotions: I’m wicked partial to cocoa butter in my lotions over shea butter due to the dry touch finish.