Rice Bran Oil

Common Name: Rice Bran Oil 
INCI: Oryza Sativ
Soap INCI: Sodium Ricebranate

Major Properties: Highly moisturising in soap. It imparts a nice shine to soaps once they are aged/cured properly. They also have the soap feeling very lush once they are set up. Rice bran oil is wonderfully deep moisturising, and a great combination of fatty acids and Vitamin E. 

Seriously Important Info: In soap, I’d not use more than 20% even at 15% it is pushing it. I find soaps with high amounts of rice bran oil takes a good long while to unmould, cure, age before you can use them. And even then it is chancy. 

Why I picked it: I love the way rice bran oil looks in a final bar of soap. It makes the bar look glossy and lush and just very expensive looking! To me, the way a bar looks is just as important as how it works. Rice bran oil in lotions is brilliant imparting a glorious dry touch finish. 

Other uses: lip products, face products, scrubs, masks, butters, various body products


Soap: olive oil, almond oil (sweet), canola oil

Lotions: apricot kernel oil, grapeseed, argan, camellia