Cocoa Butter

Common Name: Cocoa Butter
INCI: Theobroma Cacao Seed Butter
INCI in Soap: Sodium Cocoa Butterate

Major Properties: It helps makes for a wickedly hard bar of soap, it is also very highly moisturising. Helps to stabilise your lather.

Seriously Important Information: Alas! The chocolate scent usually does not survive the saponification (soap making process). Too much cocoa butter in soap can cause brittleness in your final product. It’s also very expensive! But makes the most amazing winter body butter you could possibly imagine. Personally, I don’t find the refined cocoa butter as good as the real deal. This is one ingredient it is good to splurge a wee bit.

Why I picked it: More bubbles! Hardness, and moisturising.

Other Uses: body butters, soap, lip products, lotion bars, bath bombs, very versatile


Soap: lard, tallow, shea butter

Lotions/Butters: mango butter

Lip stuff: I wouldn’t!