Common Name: Cosmetic Clays; Kaolin, Green, Pink
INCI: Kaolin, Illite 

Major Properties: Provides slip, a gentle exfoliator, makes the bubbles more silky. Clay does provide gentle day to day exfoliation when used in bar soap or cleansers. It helps to make the bubbles more dense, providing more cushion for your razor.

Seriously Important Info: Clays are commonly used to colour soaps, enhance slip, and to help create denser bubbles.

Why I picked it: Who cares about the colours! Bubbles? Did I loose you somewhere? Bubbles! Kaolin Clay is one of the easiest clays to get your hands on, and one of the cheapest. It’s an amazing ingredient! Pink and green clays are a fair bit more pricy. 

Other uses: body and face masks, cosmetics, cleansers, soap

Substitutions: These three can be used interchangeably, just be cautious of the price.