Common Name: Beeswax
INCI: Cera Alba

Major Properties: This fantastic ingredient helps to make lip products adhere to your lips keeping them moisturised and feeling soft. Also, it is a key ingredient in many balms as it acts as an emollient and as a humectant. Due to it’s high melt point, it helps keeps balms from melting in your pocket. 

Seriously Important Info: If you make lip products, you can use white or yellow beeswax, they actually work the same. The white is just easier to colour. Beeswax also helps to keep your lip products from melting due to it’s naturally high melting point. I don’t use beeswax in soaps, but it can add hardness, and help prevent lye ash from forming. However; too much beeswax in your soaps can prevent bubbles from forming. 

Why I picked it: I made the decision to use white organic beeswax in Cheeky Bath Treats lip products for it is easier to colour.

Other uses: lotions, balms, hair balms, cuticle repair, lipsticks, various cosmetics

Substitutions Honestly, I have yet to actually find a good substitution for beeswax in my products. I find the vegetarian alternatives (carnauba wax and candelilla wax for example), are much too glassy with very little staying power. I have been working on using a vegetarian wax and cetyl alcohol blend to replace, but so far, no luck.