The Scrub Me Down Kitchen

Newsletter: December 2017

Hello December!

What’s going on in Scrub Me Down- Happy Skin Land? Well! Let me tell you! We love love love Christmas! And it is the one time of year we can spoil people and everyone is ok with it! This year, we decided to go full on out. We decided to go bigger. We decided to put all our gift giving spirit into one massive basket. 

Wait for it.

We are celebrating the “Twelve Days of Christmas” our way! Every few days we will have a very random special offered at Happy Skin. These specials are not our regular specials that we offer throughout the year, these are the Christmas Specials. Something free! Something specifically designed for the Christmas Season only to be offered once. Something taken off the product catalogue only to be brought back for a one day sale! Free delivery day. Buy one of something get a second item free! And more!

But what is most awesome about the Twelve Days of Christmas is when it is over. Every single order placed at Happy Skin during the month of December, you will be entered to win a gift basket valued at over 4,000rmb*. In this gift basket there are a slew of Happy Skin Products to keep you and your friends happy for the whole winter; wine, heating pad, Lindor Chocolates… and much much much more! Think the most amazing gift basket ever, now think even bigger.  And who am I kidding?

Keep it all for you! Or share with me? Girls night? I’m a girl! And I really like wine. Want to share? 

So what’s in the basket?

  • 3x300g Shealoe Body Butter (scents of your choosing from stock) value: 450rmb
  • 3x300g Sugar Body Scrub (scents of your choosing from stock) value: 450rmb
  • 1xCitrus Burst Face Line value: 1,200rmb
  • 3xExtra Large Foot and Bath Bombs value: 240
  • 6xLuxury Soaps (random) value: 420rmb
  • 5xBody Sprays (random) value: 500rmb
  • 5xLip Balms (random) value: 250rmb
  • 1xLindor Chocolates 600g value 180rmb
  • 1xChateau Des Trois Tours Bordeaux 138rmb
  • 1xElectric Heating Pad value: 80rmb
  • 1xFoot Bath Basin value 35rmb
  • 1x250g Bag Bath Soak value: 120rmb
  • 1 Christmas Gift value: 75rmb

*does not include shipping

What are some other ways you can enter this lucky draw?

  1. Place an order at Teachers House; same deal. Any order placed during the month of December your name will be entered to win!
  2. Random Games: win a random game hosted by Happy Skin for a ticket to win!
  3. Buy a ticket for 50rmb.

Don’t forget to follow the ScrubMeDown- Happy Skin WeChat account to get updates and enjoy the random games! One lucky winner will be announced during the week of January 1 on the ScrubMeDown- Happy Skin Circle of Friends.



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