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Newsletter: Winter 2017

Winter is finally here! And time for an update.

October had me in the fantastic country of Ireland, and once home to China, had me flat on my back with a nasty chest infection where it quite honestly, hurt to think. And breathe. But think I did. And I continued to breathe. Which is always a good thing! I wasn’t able to do anything really (I got home, and my suitcase remained unpacked for days, and my laundry sat on my floor for days and days and days because I just couldn’t bend over without my insides wanting to join my outsides from coughing). I’ve finally got everything sorted and put away.

Almost? I’ve actually just felt properly human over this past week, and there is so much to catch up on! Let’s tuck in and I’ll give you a very rushed to-do of what’s going on.

Now that the move is not just a future “what if” but a reality, there are more things than ever that need to be done. Working on my visa for the EU, courses that need to be taken in manufacturing practices, formulations, certifications to ensure various ingredients work in combination to others, product safety assessments need to be finalised, insurances to learn and obtain, lawyers to interview, registering a business abroad, tax stuff, Christmas products, Spring Festival products, catalogues to make, moving house, downsizing… and soooo much more. Then there is also my teaching job that needs things done too. It is coming up to Christmas, so need to plan programs for the teeny tiny humans, their curriculum, student files and getting things sorted for when the school gets a new teacher. 

So there will be many changes that you have already aware of, but they came into effect November 1, 2017. Let me tell you a couple: 

  1. Deliveries: Deliveries will only go out twice weekly on Tuesday and on Friday. 
  2. Product Catalogue: Happy Skin will only carry the following from now on:
            • bar soap
            • Sugar Body Scrub
            • Shealoe Body Butter
            • Lip Care: Victorian Rose Balm and Lip Balm
            • Body Spray
            • The Citrus Burst Face Line
            • Speciality Sales

3)   Blog: The blog will be downsized to once a week posts for the time being: Monday’s at 6am China time they will go live. 

4)   Customer CareSonia will be taking over all customer care and ordering. So if you’ve got a question about a product or if you live in China and want to order something awesome, give her a shout! She is all excited to be taking some of my hats from me! She likes this hat the best so far! 

6 thoughts on “Newsletter: Winter 2017”

  1. Oh, too bad you got sick at such a busy time, but glad you are feeling better. Seems like you have some big challenges and excitement ahead of you. Wish you luck, strength, and much happiness.


      1. No, chest infections have no upside! You feel like dog poop and you still have to function in life. I don’t see an upside in that. Are you crazy?!? 🤣


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