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Enchanted Nights Luxury Gift Box

Ah. The Enchanted Nights Limited Edition Luxury Gift Box Set. This box is the ultimate in gift giving to an expat. Especially an expat in China.

Enchanted Nights Tease Photo
Each set comes gift wrapped for your unraveling enjoyment

Chinese versions of scented products are very different than the scent profiles enjoyed by expats. We like a little more bold or an edge or things a wee bit more complicated in our products, we like our lotions to leave behind a scent, one that compliments the scent of our perfumes or just makes us happy knowing that we smell like grapefruit or in my co-workers mind, coconut. Which surprisingly enough, are scents I’ve found many Chinese people don’t seem to like. I don’t think I have ever smelt a coconut scented product here in China before. They seem to be more into the light grassy scents like green tea, bamboo, and cucumber. Don’t get me wrong, I love the scent of bamboo and green tea is growing on me, but I like my bamboo as a room spray more than a body lotion or as a body spray. And I love love love cucumber in my face care. But, I like my scents to be unique, to make a statement, to identify me as an individual.

When you ask Chinese people which kinds of scents they like, their reply is always the same, “Fresh”. Well darling, “fresh” could mean a whole whack of things. Citrus, floral, cotton, blossom, rain, water….  Or they seem to have a weird fascination with Chanel perfume. Simply because, Chanel is a popular brand. Go figure.

Enchanted .jpg
The colours black, white with a splash of red were chosen for the line as old fashioned masquerade colours.

So one of the glorious things of making your own skincare items is I get to scent them however I want too. And this time around? I wanted exotic. I wanted sensual. I wanted something elegant and sophisticated. I wanted something I’ve never done before. I wanted something to make the people I walk by stop and sniff the air and think oh good god, that’s amazing! And above all others, I wanted a scent to identify with for late Autumn and early Winter.

So that’s what I made, not only for me, but for you too. 

Taking three of my favourite scents and combining them; benzoin, labdanum, and vanilla into a pure bliss scent with just the perfect amount of sandalwood tossed in to ground it. This scent truly is a statement of a scent.

Enchanted Nights 1
All hand made and painstacking put together

This heavenly set, is all the same scent. Winter is almost upon us, and what does that mean in the fragrance department? Heavier, heady scents like vanilla and various other resins and spice scents stuff come running out the door. And layering scents is a sure fire way of getting your scent to last as long as humanly possible.  And unless you’ve another Happy Skin customer in your city? You’re the only one who could possibly smell this good. Trust me on this part, it’s not always fun having Sonia in the same city, work building and apartment building. More days than I can choose to count, we meet in the elevator to go to work, only to discover we are both wearing the same scented something or other. But it does make traveling together very easy.

Enchanted Nights 2.jpg
The packaging had to match the scent, so old fashioned meets modern ideology of historical romance. And I have always loved sealing wax and seals. A sealing wax kit is a common gift from me to people, so this set had had had to have them.

I sent a customer a sample sliver of Enchanted Nights soap to sniff, and her comments were:

So I was blessed with a sample of The Enchanted Nights Soap. Immediately I felt like I was transported to an oasis near the pyramids. It’s a deep rich smell that makes me feel like after I bathe with it, I will look, smell, and feel like a goddess. Cleopatra comes to mind. It’s an ambiguous smell. I for sure will be buying a set. The only bad thing is that the sample soap is so small. ~Lita

Enchanted Nights 6Starting in the shower. Wash yourself down with this giant bar of luxury made with wheat germ oil to give it an unimaginable boost in the luxurious department. This soap is not only a luxury, but high class luxury. Wheat germ oil is very good to aid in rejuvenating overworked skin by re-hydrating it, and is ridiculously high in vitamin E. It’s an anti-oxidant which can help help to make your skin age gracefully.  Can you imagine your afternoon shower before a date beginning with this sensual scent? Or choosing for an evening in and wanting to imagine yourself bathed in a sea of silk and satin? Yup. I can.

Enchanted Nights 4Then, lather yourself up with our brand new lotiony hybrid of Body Butter and Summer Silk. It takes the awesomeness of both, to make it a little lighter without being cloyingly heavy feeling. It is perfect for warmer Autumn days and cooler nights with the barest amount of shimmer for that elegent feel. You’ll be left feeling soft and silky with delightful touchable skin. I would describe wearing this lotion like wearing a pair of satin pajamas. Your skin will feel smooth, silky and like someone- yeah. If satin were a liquid, imagine this poured over you without leaving a greasy feeling. It sinks in like a dream leaving behind a lovely silky feeling. The Enchanted Nights Body Silk is made with oodles of wheat germ oil, shea butter, aloe juice, silk, oats and more.

Enchanted Nights 5And then, the cherry on cheesecake, the heels that tie your whole outfit together? A Body Quench. This Enchanted Nights Body Quench is designed to be sprayed over your skin after lotion locking in the scent and moisture. This Quench has Vitamin B5, silk, oats, real vanilla, and aloe. All these ingredients help to form a barrier for your skin to keep it happy and radiant. It can be used safely as a light hair mist to tame fly away’s or just to scent your hair. If you have oilier skin and don’t need a lotion quite yet, the Enchanted Nights Body Quench is just the thing. It provides me the perfect amount of hydration without being overly powerful.

But I still want it to be colder so I can wear the lotion!

A little splash of colour to give the black and white some depth

Lastly, there is the Enchanted Nights Fragrant Bomb. This little dropper of beauty is your key to making this scent last as long as can be or be as powerful as you could possibly want it to be. To use this Fragrant Bomb, all you need to do is add a drop to your hands and massage into your hair as a hair serum. Or add a drop or two (or ten!) to your unscented lotion to give it a scent boost. You could even apply this directly to your skin if you’d like for a powerful scent punch. Made with vitamin e, argan oil, coconut oil, wheat germ oil and rice bran oil, it sinks in quickly. If you plan to wear it neat, as soon as you step out of the shower, while still wet, apply a few drops to your hand and rub into your skin.

This set is heavenly. This set is sensual. This set is purely exotic of the old world variety.  And you’ll never find another set like this in China. For thre are only ten sets for sale. Enjoy your limited edition Enchanted Nights Gift Box Set before they are all sold out! Stay tuned to the Happy Skin Wechat account for ordering details. If you are really keen on getting one early, don’t forget about the Refer a Friend to Happy Skin Lucky Draw still in effect until September 20th! First place winner will receive an Enchanted Nights Box Set free, and we’ve arranged for it to be delivered the day of the Lucky Draw. So you will watch us pick a winner in Ireland, then message our SF delivery man in China your address and you will get it in about four days. The very first person to get their hands on a set. Weeks before anyone else.

I so wish I were you.

Enchanted Nights 8.jpg
This is my absolute favourite picture of the set, so had to include it.

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