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Newsletter: August 2017

August is HERE! And that means summer is almost over! YAY!

The month of July here in China was crazy hot and humid. And that meant, less lotion and less applying stuff to the skin. But that still meant, some dry patches of skin too. Which sucks. So this past month in The Scrub Me Down Kitchen a lot of body toners/quenches/tonics/sprays have been in the making. And we are pleased to say, we are in Body Quench HEAVEN! A light sprinkle of hydration and a light oomph of long lasting fragrance leaves the skin oh so delightfully soft and happy and all those around you wishing they had your skin care formulator. ‘Cause let’s face it,

summer time=sweat=stinky tofu=BO=yucky

We’d like to say a huge thank you to everyone for being patient with us and helping to make the delivery to SFexpress transition smooth. Our regular delivery man is a very happy character and wanted to pass on his thanks to you as well.

In July, we began an official Happy Skin Samplers Program, where we asked a few of you to join us as samplers. It was a very interesting learning experience for everyone involved. And we are pleased to tell you that the Citrus Burst Hydration Booster, Citrus Burst Toner and the Cucumber Mint Toner all have had amazing feedback. Samplers received enough product for a week and were given instructions on how to use it. So far, the only complaint was that there was not enough product to last longer than seven days!

We are always looking for new samplers! So if you fancy yourself great at providing feedback, leave a message.

The Refer a Friend to Happy Skin is still ongoing. So folks, if you are loving your Happy Skin products, tell your friends about them! A quick recap on the Lucky Draw:

 Between July 1 and September 20, we will hold a competition; “Refer a Friend to Happy Skin”. For each friend of yours who places an order over 150rmb during the competition period, your name will be entered into a Lucky Draw, then we will pick two names. Those winners will receive a Gift Basket from Scrub Me Down- Happy Skin valued at 500rmb. We plan to be in Europe (ingredient shopping YAY!!!!!!) around this time, so we will do a live streaming of the draw so you all can join us as we put all the names into a hat to draw. We originally wanted to do this in China, however; “it’s illegal for foreigners to do any live streaming”. So winners will be announced from Europe and your 500rmb Gift Basket will be mailed once we return October 20.

This past month was also my (Barb) birthday, and we enjoyed giving everyone who ordered a wee thank you gift to help me celebrate. Did you enjoy your gifts? What did you get?

We are happy that August is finally here, and the Lunar Calendar is telling us that there should be one more massive heat wave coming our way, and then blissfully it will be officially Autumn again! Cold weather means body butters! YAY!

ScrubMeDown- Happy Skin, The Blog. This past month, I’ve been posting a few more DIY recipes of things I’ve been playing with in The Kitchen. And it’s been fun to share the inspiration, the explanation process, the making and the results with you all. We’re hoping that you have been enjoying them too. I love hearing about why someone chooses one ingredient over another in recipes be those recipes for baking or for skincare.

July is finally over and that means one more month of summer intensive studies at work. It’s great to see the same kids daily, but also takes its toll too. I’m the only teacher in the classroom with a bunch of kids who cannot speak English, no helper, I’m not allowed to speak Chinese, and you try getting 8 tiny humans to line up or to explain a new phrase? It’s a wonderful challenge, but mentally exhausting. By the end of the week, I’m so mentally wiped out and cannot think! My wall and I have been spending a lot of time together on Friday nights.

We are just beginning to get our Autumn and Winter ingredients in the mail, which makes me all giddy with excitement as that means SOAP!!! We are hoping that next week will find us making the first batch of some awesome Hallowe’en inspired soap. And then go crazy making Christmas soaps! Yes! Winter is coming!

Here’s hoping August finds you and your loved ones happy, healthy and safe! What have you been up to in the past month? What are your plans for the next month?

Some interesting things we have been reading this week:

People are Petrified of Preservatives. Discuss. by Realize Beauty

The Natural Efficacy Fallacy and Natural Shaming by Humblebee&Me

Will the persecution of parabens ever end? by Perry Romanowski



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