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Learning Curves: The Move 3

Well, it is that time of the month again where we sit down and discuss what we have learnt over the past month in terms of The Move.

And this month we both have our visas to renew here in China, so that got us thinking about visas to other countries. Thankfully, visa information is in English for all the other countries and pretty much constant.

Unlike China.

China visas change from one day to the next and not just little changes, but drastic huge changes that have you questioning your existence type of changes. One day you wake up and you need no documents. The next day you wake up and you need them. Then you go to apply to renew your visa, and you don’t have all the documents you need because they changed the rules again. And then you need them like this, and then like that… and nowhere do they have all the information in one place. And no one ever has all the information. And then, each province can pick and choose which rules they want to follow in terms of the federal rules, then each city can choose from which rules the province decides on. It is really a frustrating time for everyone involved.

We began briefly looking at visa rules for EU, Canada and America. It was a very big change for us to ask the immigration services a question and get a response in English and a direct response too. Not some run around, no hint of needing to take this or that person out for an expensive dinner to get your answers or to have your application moved to the head of the pile. It was all very strange. And kind of refreshing actually.

And we are still marvelling at how things are done outside of China, so haven’t done more than briefly chat about visas and simple searches! So strange!

2 thoughts on “Learning Curves: The Move 3”

    1. We’ve been discussing this a lot and we think maybe, possibly the EU.

      Yes! You do learn to handle the unexpected in this country and learn to get over things ridiculously fast here! You have no choice about it.

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