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Sepimax Zen vs Aristoflex AVC Part II

So here is where we get to get a little more technical. We’ve already had a run down of AVC and ZEN in a previous post.

On first glance, they are pretty unassuming. Both are white powders, kind of slippery when rubbed between your fingers. Both are on the very pricy side, while AVC you can buy in China (but be VERY careful of your seller, I had a serious issue with fake product), Zen has to be bought abroad and brought into the country.

Let gets this showdown on! Here are the recipes I used, I attempted to keep them similar so my face using them on each half would get the same results. A big difference between AVC and ZEN is the amount of oil you can use in your mixture.

AVC: suggested usage 0.5% to 1.2% to emulsify up to 5% oils

ZEN: suggested usage 0.5% to 5% as an emulsifier, stabilizer and/or thickener into a larger amount of oils. Generally using 2-3%.

Remember, in AVC no silks, pearl powder, or aloe

2.5% moringa oil
2.5% sea buckthorn seed oil
2% panthenol
2% hydrolyzed oat peptide
2% vitamin b3
1% allantoin
1% vegetable glycerine

1% Aristoflex

1% preservative (consult your own preservative usage rates please!)

 remainder water

10% aloe juice
5% moringa oil
5% sea buckthorn seed oil
2% hydrolyzed oat peptide
2% panthenol
2% vitamin b3
1% allantoin
1% vegetable glycerine

2% Sepimax ZEN

1% preservative (consult your own preservative usage rates please!)

remainder water

I made both according to their directions. I heated up the water and added the allantoin, b3 and glycerine with the liquids giving them time to dissolve. I then allowed them to cool to add in the remaining ingredients and oils. Then, I sprinkled the ZEN on and set it to bed. And then whipped up the AVC.


  1. Time to make: to set up, prepare, weigh and measure, both are identical. They take the same amount of time.
  2. Time from make to first use: this is where the AVC wins. As soon as you mix the AVC mixture and it thickens up to its lovely smooth gel, you’re good to go. ZEN on the other hand, takes about 8 hours to properly set up before you mix it. I’ve also found that in our hotter and much more humid weather, it takes even less time to set up. Once you beat the ZEN senseless with your whisk or electric whisk for about a minute, you’re good to go.
  3. Decanting into containers: meh. They are relatively the same. Maybe the AVC is a smidge easier?
  4. Type of container: Pots, pumps, squeeze tube, flip top lotion bottle? Both the ZEN and AVC are great in all the above containers. I like pots for my testers and sample sizes as they are cheaper!
  5. Amount of mess: Both made about the same amount of mess to clean up. What I really appreciated, was scrubbing the containers clean was very easy.

How did I compare the two?
I put the AVC on the right side of my face and the ZEN on the left side of my face daily for about five days before I knew what was what. I knew what was what after day one, but needed to be sure. More on this in the next part!

Initial Impressions
Getting a good AVC recipe has been a pain in the arse. But has been soooooo worth it. I’ve oily skin, but generally happy skin. I find in the summers that I cannot put too much on my skin as I sweat a lot and that sweat and oils/creams/lotions mixed makes me feel gross. So I have always strived to create a recipe to wear that keeps my skin happy, but also now that I’m walking down the other side of the hill agewise, I also need to make sure my skin has something on it to help keep those age issue stuff at bay. My usual summer facial routine was wash, Bee Happy Toner and go on my way. But with my age getting up there, I knew I needed more. Now my morning and evening routines are a little more intensive.

Upon applying the AVC (once I worked out the kinks), my skin feels soft, plush and hydrated (which isn’t all that hard as I’ve oily+happy skin). My skin stayed fresh and happy all day long and I noticed the little bit of strange acne I’d get kind of stopped appearing. I loved the AVC so much that I formulated a face recipe and sent it to some ladies for testing as I had to know if it was just me. It got some rave reviews!

So the Sepimax had a lot to live up to if it wanted to compete with the AVC.

My initial impression is that I much prefer the AVC over Sepimax. I am finding the Sepimax to be like most gels upon application somewhat tacky, but quick to sink in. I also found that when the ZEN sank in, my skin felt… the only word I can think of is “tight” but not that squeaky clean tight, more like, water drying on your skin when you are in the sun.

And that is when the light above my head went off and the choirs began to sing.

New eye serum.


Stay tuned for Part III!

5 thoughts on “Sepimax Zen vs Aristoflex AVC Part II”

  1. I have to confess, reading this was a little akin to reading chinese as I’m nowhere near au fait enough with the process to understand a lot of what’s going on, but you know what? It’s fascinating anyway 🙂 I def need to start on the simple lotion side of things I think!

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    1. Trust me when I tell you? Chinese is so much harder! I was planning to do a beginner lotion recipe/guide, but some friends were really wanting me to compare the AVC to ZEN quick. Sounded up posting the more advanced stuff earlier than expected! Stay tuned for the lotion stuff sometime in July.

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