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Newsletter: June 2017

It seemed like the month of May flew by. Like a hungry Superman spying a stack of freshly baked cookies. That fast.

Work is crazy, my co-worker finally returned to work which means a large bag full of goodies to play with. Thank you Lotion Crafter and Belinda! Yesterday we spent the morning making aloe vera gel. Actual, real life, aloe vera gel. And holy smokes its AWESOME!!! Just that wait part is killing me. I itch to stir. More on that later! I’m currently writing the blog post for that one.

The eye serum. That eye serum I am beginning to think I shouldn’t mess with it. I’ve tried a few thickening recipes and both times it failed. Miserably. I ended up using them as face masks and then they dried and spent the rest of the night trying to peel the mask off my face like a sun burn. I’m trying again with various gelling ingredients to see how they work.

The toner was perfected and is now pumped full of vitamins to keep the face happy. Once you get used to the smell!

This past month we had an awesome surprise, a customer came to visit during the Dragon Boat Festival. Check out her blog about some of the antics we got up to! She brought up some excellent suggestions, especially about workshops and teaching people how to make stuff. That is what we’d like to eventually do once we are settled somewhere. We never thought about it in China. But Sonia and I are both teachers and passing on information is awesome fun! So if you are currently in China and would like to learn how to make some soap or lotions, let us know!

We’ve made a slew of soaps this past month in preparation for this summer and next summer. We are both private training center teachers which means when public schools have holidays, we have our busy season. And, it also means that come early July, we can start making the Autumn/Winter stock of soap, lotions and potions. I cannot wait! My house will reek of peppermint soon!

Soaps May 2017.jpg
Some of the soaps created this past month

We had some pretty cool sales on this past month, which we have decided to keep while supplies last. The Summer Silk Hand & Body Lotion is a light and highly moisturising lotion. It’s filled with vitamins for the skin, lightly fragranced and makes your skin feel like silk. I’m wearing the Lily of the Valley Summer Silk right now! And I am loving the scent! Very spring!

Soaps are curing nicely, and it will be sad to see them go to their new homes. Stay tuned for the blog post on how to care for your new soap to get the longest possible use out of it. Especially living in China where the humidity is terrible.


Sale May 2017.jpg

Enjoy the sales! Have a great June!

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