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Weather is Crap. Really.

The past two weeks, the city has been suffering from high winds, lots of dust and sand in the wind, painfully low barometric pressure and just plain old gross weather. And that has caused everyone to have weather blah going on. It’s made everyone in the city feel tired bordering on exhausted. It’s like no matter how much sleep you give yourself, it is just not near enough.

And because of this crappy feeling, it means that the Scrub Me Down Kitchen has kind of been closed down. Well, because of this, and I am out of room to store anything new. I had to empty off my shelves in my TV room to stash new soaps to cure.

It’s been strange waking up laying there in bed thinking that I need to get up and do things, but I just cannot seem to drag my sorry behind out of my bed. I get out of bed, go put on the coffee, and sit down.

Worst mistake ever. A few hours pass, coffee has gone past the gross-highly-potent-pit of- tar-stage. And it is already time to get ready for work. And you have to limit your outside exposure as there is so much dust in the air so that means no walking to work.

Thankfully, I’m not the only one who has been feeling this way. If I was I’d be worried! Once I told a few friends about it, it turns out that they too have been feeling borderline exhausted, kind of empty and cranky. Just hearing that others felt the same thing and that they were forcing themselves to appear interested in everything too, made life easier. We all just stopped talking from lack of energy!

Isn’t he a cutie? Teaching pre-K English

Teaching is a hard job. Your own personal world might be falling apart, but you cannot bring it to work. You’ve got all these tiny humans running around excited to see you. Jibber jabbering about their new words and expressions, and excited to learn something new. To practice through games and activities as well. You cannot bring your problems into class. Checking your problems at the door because to them, they are the centre of their universe and they just don’t understand that someone around them doesn’t feel like they do. So slap a crazy grin on your face and suck it up.

I had a full three minute conversation with a kid and his imaginary friend today in my second to last lesson. And in my last class of the day I got hugged and kissed and attacked by tiny human huggers. How could anyone not have a real smile plastered all over their face after listening to a kid talk to you and their imaginary friend in English!

There’s still a few more hours of work left before I get to go home and do the most exciting thing ever. Eat some fruit and watch Supernatural. Mangos and pineapples are in season.

#LuciferisamazingCrowleycomesaclosesecond #bestcomedyshowonTV

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