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Packaging= early hell

Hi it’s Barb.

I’m taking the lunch hour off to wolf down some chow and keep up the blog. Today, the Scrub Me Down Kitchen is closed for the day as with all the new stuff that’s been made, it means it has to be packaged.

What we use:

  1. Happy Skin sticker
  2. shrink wrap bags
  3. sealing machine
  4. heat gun
  5. LOTS OF TIME and minor finger burns

So you clean the bottle/container with some rubbing alcohol, then apply the Happy Skin sticker trying to make sure the sticker is straight. Then place the product into the shrink wrap bag, seal it, and then use the heat gun to seal it all up.

It sounds easy for one item, and it truly is. But when you are dealing with more than just one item… you dedicate an entire evening or morning to the task. And since the weather is crap today, meh. Crappy job day too!

Packaging is not as bad as doing the dishes after soap making as you get to sit around and catch up on some of your favourite TV shows! I packaged, over 100 Lippy’s (Midnight Lippy, Victoria Rose Balm, Victoria Tea Rose Balm, Lip Gloss), about 50 various sized bottles of Summer Silk.

Even though it is a pain in the arse, hopefully everyone likes the new packaging!

Packaging 1
Midnight Lippy’s getting ready to go!

2 thoughts on “Packaging= early hell”

  1. I didn’t know you had to heat seal lip balm! That, I’m sure, is a tedious job. At least you get to catch some TV while packaging. That’s probably the cause of burning your fingers, ya know…..😂😂😂


    1. Oh shush you! A hot guy running around the screen cracking wise cracks. How could I tear my eyes away! I haven’t been able to find much in the way of packaging lip tubes other than them basically saying, that they need something where people can see if it has previously been opened. I was originally using a little “handmade” sticker and they looked amazing! But, the sticker was a pain to get off and even after a month or more, you still had goop. And, once opened, it looked horrible. So figured this way, it might take up a morning of my time, but once done, they look elegant, sleek and something I’d buy.


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